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Individuality and free-spiritedness, it’s the embodiment of Ms.MaryMac. Known for their vivid and colorful, textures, patterns, and adornments, specifically bows, it’s the perfect combination of girliness and fun with a twist of edge every woman wants to portray. The Ms.MaryMac collection is full of variety with each hand crafted shoe. These are not your typical mass produced shoes that everyone will have. You are bound to make a statement wearing your Ms.MaryMac's. These shoes proudly and gorgeously push the limits for art for your soles.

The Ms.MaryMac collection comes to life through pops of color and off the wall prints that supports their motto, “You’re Not a Simple Girl, So Why Wear Simple Shoes.” The detailed, crafted handmanship promotes high creation with the seemingly impossible illusion that they shouldn’t be worn, but displayed as art. Each hand designed shoe is unique and can stand on its own. Pick from several designs or work with the owner/designer to design a shoe just for you!

Made for the ambitious woman not afraid to be seen and admired, Ms.MaryMac puts the “lover” back in “shoe lover.” There’s nothing more wonderful than the look and attitude of a woman who loves her shoes.

Shoe Love is True Love